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F1 SKY 2 Suite Visuals

Project Role :  Art Direction, Animation, Design


As part of the Singapore's Formula 1 Night Race, as a whole the SKY 2 suite seeks to engage and attract its guests through art pieces that will be displayed at the suite. The artworks showcase will be inspired by stories of fellow Singaporeans celebrating the Never-Say-Die spirit that Formula One embodies. The artworks should also complement the overall them of the suite where individuals are able to sit back and relax while watching the race.


The brief given highlights two inspirational Singaporeans, Faraliza Zainal, a mother who started an education for children with special needs and Theresa Goh, the first Singaporean qualified for the Paralympics. Using their stories, I had to figure out a way to express the hurdles and challenges they faced and the overall animation also had be a 30s loop and will be played on 2 Full HD TVs at the suite.


Overall, I went for a more expressive and abstract approach into the concept of the animation using 3D as the main medium for the entire animation. Certain elements from each of their stories were incorporated in a metaphorical way to link the elements to each individual. More details on the process are highlighted below.


Initial Explorations


Part of the initial explorations were to come up with as many concepts that worked around these 2 individuals. 2 ideas deeply resonated with the client. One of it was the exploration of a logo, where we combine their names or initials as a base for how our animation can revolve around it. Different styles were experimented ranging from calligraphy, experimental 3d typography, and to monograms. 

Idea 2.png

The second idea was to have a main element, a ball character that represents Faraliza and Theresa, going through an obstacle course as a metaphor of the hardships they endured throughout their lives to reach where they at now. Below are further ideas,  that could be incorporated to this obstacle course.

Development Sketches 2.jpg
Development Sketches 3.jpg
Developments 2.png

Concept - PITSTOP

The 2 individuals lives were full of pitstops.

However, like an actual pitstop, they decided to make stops in parts of their lives, looking at ways to improve their lives by making necessary changes.

Like the pit crew, family was vital in helping the 2 individuals to overcome the odds.

Using an element/persona as the main character to drive the narrative together with other abstract elements that ties to “pitstops” and “family”. 


Sphere evolves as it overcomes obstacles.




The storyboard can be read from the left top all the way to the bottom right. They show the different obstacles the 2 personas have to go through before reaching the end goal, the podium with a banner with the super, "Winners", to show that these 2 individuals lead very different lives but at the end the hardships and success they faced served as an inspiration to fellow Singaporean making them winners of their own life and also to link this concept with the F1 race. 

Overview of the 3D Obstacle Course

Multiple Views of the layout.png



To emphasize the meaning of the visuals, I incorporated a copy at the end.

On-Site Photos

DSCF4954 (1).JPG

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