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Goldheart New 916 Gold

Project Role :  Animation, Design


As part of Goldheart's new 916 Gold product line, Goldheart wanted to showcase the elegance of their new jewelry products through a promo video with the brand ambassador, Rebecca Lim.



Using the footages filmed by the agency, I had to figure a way where I could incorporate 3D elements into these live action footages.


The designs of the new product line contained many intricate designs on them that closely resembled lattice-like patterns. Using that as an inspiration, I had the idea to have a lattice-like gold box but just with its 4 edges without any fill. Majority of the live action footages showcases the brand ambassador dancing freely together with the various jewelry. With that in mind, I wanted to give the impression that she's inside this box as if she was like inside a big sized jewelry box. Rotoscoping also had to be done to ensure the proper overlapping between the video and my 3D elements.


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