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Omron Healthgift 

Project Role : Art Direction, Animation, Design


Healthgift is an initiative by Omron on their Omron Connect App. It is a program which rewards its users for every measurement that they take with Omron's blood pressure monitor (BPM) and body composition monitor (BCM). Omron required a video to showcase the features of the app.


It had to have storytelling throughout the video showing a daily life of a person which is presumed to be a user of this app and transitions for the animation had to as seamless as possible without much abrupt cuts.


The overall animation had a main character, Jerald, as he goes about his daily life where at the start, he is unhealthy but as he constantly improves his lifestyle through the use of monitoring his health through the app he becomes healthier. Character animation and facial expressions played a pivotal in driving the animation, where the overall animation is much more lethargic at the start to having much more energy near to end as his lifestyle becomes more active. Elements in the app such as the reward system were represented in a less literal and fun manner for the users. For example, with a Spin-the-Wheel scene to convey that the user can actually do this action inside the app themselves to redeem the rewards.

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