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Starhub Channel Rebrand

Project Role :  Animation, Design


Starhub, a Singaporean television channel wanted a complete revamp of their channel idents and packages. There is a total of 5 main idents with a focus in each of the Starhub brand colors (Pink, Green, Gold, Blue, Red) and on top that, the team also had to design the interface elements of the channel. My main role in this rebrand was establishing the design and animation for the On Air, Promo, Star Endorsement and VOD packages of the channel.


Using elements from the Pink and Red ident, I had to incorporate them to my overall design and animation of my segments while maintaining the overall art direction.


The overall designs of the packages encompasses of various depths and gradients giving the impression of imaginary terrains weaving across forming landscapes as secondary elements such as crystals, stars flow into the scenes, presenting an impression of elegance as the viewers look towards the overall atmospheric beauty of the packages.


On- Air Package


Animated Lower Right Bug

Asset 4.png
Asset 5.png

Bug with In-Program Pointer

Asset 1.png

Promo Package

Promo Transition

Promo Background

Coming Up Next

Star Endorsement Package

Promo Transition

Asset 10.png

Promo Background

Asset 9.png

Coming Up Next

Asset 8.png

VOD Package

Logo Resolve

Coming Up Next

Asset 2.png


Asset 1.png

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